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Why I Say I'm in the "Customer Service Business"

I say it all the time to people on my team or students I mentor, "customer service is just as big a part of the job as doing the actual design". The client's overall experience is so important. I want them to feel comfortable, heard and satisfied. Clients come along for the ride when they choose JI, and I want them to know that they're not only getting awesome branding or web design, but a friend they can trust to set them off in the right direction. I try to connect on a personal level with everyone I work with and really hear them out. This helps a ton when getting the design process going because you have an in depth understanding for who they are and what they're trying to achieve.

If a client disagrees with your's OK! Ultimately, they know their business better than I do. It's my job to help them understand where I'm coming from and why I made the design decisions I did. I welcome the critique. Having an active dialogue with my clients always results in the best possible product for the client.

Lastly, I want people to refer JI to others! If they have a positive experience from start to end, they are super likely to come back for another project or float my name to a colleague or friend who needs some design help. Happy customers provide leads which provides more Taco Bell for your boy.

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