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JI Creative Branding Process

Updated: Feb 28

I approach every branding project as highly collaborative. Getting to know my clients personality and their vision for their business helps a ton when kicking off the creative process. Meeting new people along the way has always been one of my favorite things about freelancing. Want to know what my branding process is? Check it out.

Step 1: Research & Inspiration

First I like to have an intro screen-share, call or meet up where I get to learn more about the client and what exactly they are trying to achieve. Then, I send out a branding questionnaire to get some high level information about the brand. During this step I like to get a feel for the overall tone and style of the brand. It will cover photography, color palettes, logos, patterns, textures, illustrations… anything that conveys the tone or aesthetic that the client wants to have in their new brand. I take some time and carefully go over everything and see if I have any questions about what they have sent.


CLIENT TIP: Ask the designer you’re considering hiring if they will be comfortable giving you honest feedback. As a branding specialist, I feel I have to be straight forward with my clients, especially when I am concerned that their feedback or suggestions are negatively affecting their project.


Step 2: Logo Development

All of my branding packages include unlimited rounds of revisions. I want my client to be so jazzed about their logo that they'll be showing that thing off everywhere! In the first round I come up with 3-4 logo concepts. After discussing with my client and receiving feedback, I'll either make revisions to the first round or go back to the drawing board. We go back and forth this way until my client is totally satisfied with their new logo. Once the logo has been finalized and approved in black and white, I present my client with various options for a color scheme. Once the color scheme has been chosen by the client, I apply it to the logo and this part of the process is done.

Step 3: Building Out the Brand

This is when I have some fun and the project really starts coming together. I design the remaining elements which will work together to tell the brand’s story. These elements include logo variations, supplemental fonts, patterns, textures, icons, and images. After this is approved by the client, I put everything together in a style guide and booya, your brand identity is complete. If you have any questions about my branding process, or if you’d like to start a project, email me at I'm excited to meet you!

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