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Joshua Tree Power Animal Discovery

The Mrs. and I recently took a little weekend getaway to Joshua tree to unplug and refresh our minds. We've been working on converting a cargo van to a weekend warrior home on wheels and this one of the first trips we've taken with it. You know those Amazon vans you see cruising around every city in the world? Yup, it's one of those! We even rent it out to others looking for a unique way to cruise around the West Coast. Check out a couple shots of the interior so far:

The best hike we did was called 49 Palm Oasis. Super fun trail that lead to this wild little water hole with, you guessed it, 49 palm trees. If you haven't been to Joshua Tree, it's very rare to see anything but, well, Joshua Trees. The palm trees were like a mirage out in the middle of nowhere and provided an awesome site for a few photos:

Another hotspot we've always heard about but haven't gone to until this trip was Pappy and Harriets. Sick spot for live music, a stiff drink and mind melting BBQ. I had a rack of ribs that I'm still trying to mentally wrap my head around. It gets pretty damn busy, but well worth the wait...and what beats having a cold one and listening to locals rip some electric violin solos while you're waiting? There are tons of surprise drop-ins that have happened over the years by artists like Paul McCartney, Lorde, Arctic Monkeys, Vampire Weekend and a ton more. Here's a cool behind the scenes look at Paul McCartney's show that also shows you a bit about Pappy and Harriet's:

Joshua tree never disappoints. If you have some time to spend in this good ol' hippie town, get on over there, go outside and get lost.

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