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The Formula Fitness

The Formula is a fitness, health and wellness company out of Venice Beach, California. They came to me looking for a brand identity and website design to match their growth and quality. 

I was inspired by their California roots in combination with the spiritual and mindfulness of their approach.

logo layout.jpg

"I was fortunate enough to work with JI over the course of a few months, and we developed some amazing materials. The best part about working with JI Creative is the fact that they want to make sure you get the exact brand design you would like without compromising. Also, they helped me build a website that is running my entire business. Can't thank you enough!"




When we tackled branding The Formula, I wanted to get a good understanding for what his competitors were doing, as well as how they visually represented themselves. I also wanted to make sure it would translate well across every form of his marketing which includes digital, YouTube workout videos and apparel. 

I also wanted to illustrate and reflect the environment that The Formula comes from. This new brand system was inspired by California culture and it's light, earthy, airy west coast vibe. 

Rustic Sign2.jpg
Juice Bottle Mockup Boho 2.jpg


The main focus for The Formula's website architecture was to make sure the user had an easy way to sign up for a membership or contact the business if they had questions. We also wanted to be able to feature the most recent physical challenge they were offering as well as a brief overview of their services. 

MockUp (5).jpg
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